The Sacred Whisper

Recognizing your inner voice as a guide to radical, unapologetic freedom

Hi, I'm Dena.

Living an authentic, wild, true-to-me existence sharing knowledge and wisdom to honor who you were created to be.  I'm here to help you learn to recognize your own inner voice. The quiet wisdom within you. Your own sacred whisper. It is waiting to guide you to your highest potential. Are you ready? It's time. 

Tap into the whisperings

I created this space to share things that inspire me: Human Design, essential oils and natural plant medicine, toxin-free living, gardening, homesteading, nature, writing, travel, and being a wild woman. 


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Human Design is a treasure map to 
discover your highest potential. 
Understand how you were designed to live, not what you were conditioned to be. 

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What the heck is human design?

Grab this free guide to explore the first baby steps of what human design is and how it pertains to you. I include some essential oil suggestions to support your human design type.